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We are on a mission to connect the physical world to the digital economy

A Tale of Two Companies

FastMap was founded by a team with over a century of combined experience in 3D mapping technologies.  The founding team delivered bespoke 3D mapping solutions to hundreds of professionals in the private and public sectors, including engineers, governments, and natural resource companies who were using 3D mapping services as a cost effective solution to survey wide areas.

The founding team identified gaps in the market that limited the economic benefits to organizations with large capital budgets. Traditionally, only enterprise or governments could afford to realize the benefits of saving time with site surveys due to the high costs of 3D data acquisition, processing, and the hardware required to manipulate the data into a meaningful information. 

FastMap was incorporated with a mission to connect the physical world to the digital economy.  We believe all organizations, big or small, private or government, can benefit from recovering lost time, improve revenue retention, and reduce carbon footprints.  We are confident we can improve the way we approach site visits and help the environment within the communities we thrive.


Unit 208, 3019 19th Street NE 
Calgary, AB  T2E 6Y9

Core Values

Values That Define Our Company Standards

Our values are molded by our passion and obsession to deliver meaningful solutions that help recover lost time and reduce carbon footprints.

Customer Driven

We are driven by an obsession to deliver meaningful solutions that benefit our customer and the environment.

Quality & Integrity

We operate with respect, honesty and integrity as innovators who collaborate to deliver the highest quality experience.

Community & Environment

Our community and the environment are the backbone to our business, so we give  back 1% to the both in time and revenue.

Happiness & Growth

Our customers grow with us every day we work towards our mission, and that makes us feel happy!

Work Culture

We are obsessed about work culture.  It doesn’t just attract amazing people and talent, it drives them to do their best.  Our culture is part of who we are and it carves out who we aspire to be. We hire for aptitude over experience and we put the customer first.  Our team is a group of courageous and humble innovators who collaborate to win!  They are fueled by integrity and authenticity to deliver solutions that benefit our customers and the environment.  Our culture is evident in the meaningful solutions we deliver and the support we provide, and that makes us happy.  

Join Our Team

Are you driven by innovation?  Do you have a passion to delight customers? Join us in our mission to connect the physical world to the digital economy.

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