Cut field time in half with remote intelligence

Use FastMap to automatically locate and map assets remotely, reducing field time and operating expenses by over 50%  .

Manage Assets

Remote Intelligence for Asset Management


Reduced Field Time

Slash your field time and reduce commutes by inspecting assets remotely. Improve productivity by mapping and inspecting assets in 2D/3D .

Increased Visibility

Virtually inspect assets from your desktop and gain better visibility into assets located in remote or hazardous areas that would add risk to field work.  

Location Intelligence

From mapping paint lines to inspecting road conditions and monitoring construction, FastMap offers global location intelligence.

Stay Informed on Critical Assets 

Cities of the future

Smart City Planning & Development

Reduce costs associated to managing and maintaining municipal assets with less field time and greater intelligence. Gain better visibility of new developments that support 3D inspections and assessments of critical assets with community and property level detail.    

Real Estate Intelligence

Inspect and manage Properties remotely.  

Improve your property management processes by using FastMap to effectively collaborate with key stakeholders and contractors in 3D with a virtual source of truth. Document a scaled digital model of your properties for source of truth at every stage of the development, build and maintain lifecycle.

Track change

Remotely identify development change  

Regular updates of reality are collected, processed and stored, allowing by-law and development officers to detect new structures such as pools, fences, decks, and additions.  Track property development at every stage of the build cycle with FastMap’s Zero-Emissions site visit with virtual 3D reality. 

Asset Management
Remote Asset Inspections

Track road conditions, plan and estimate new projects, and inspect and maintain critical assets in 3D. FastMap connects the physical world to your desktop in 3D, enabling greater visibility and intelligence while reducing costly commute and field time. 


Track Assets with Less Field Time

FastMap strategically partners with premium data providers to connect the physical world at your desktop, enabling a 360-degree view of your assets, even in the most remote areas. Slash your field time and contact FastMap for a free consultation. 

Locate Assets

Use our library of  apps that help detect specific features on the ground.  Locate and count tree types, cars, building, new structures and more.    

Track & Monitor

Our virtual 3D platform enables businesses to gain critical insights into property and community detail and facilitates remote progress tracking, documentation and, risk reduction.

3D DIGITAL Reality 

Your Toolbox for Remote Surveys & Inspections

Asset Detection

Identify and map assets using powerful tech that counts cars, detects building and more.

Asset Monitoring

Automatically monitor assets using AI and frequent updates from our curated library of data and bespoke services.

Remote Inspections

Remotely detect, inspect, and maintain assets to minimize field time and increase productivity.

4D Simulations

Visualize line-of-sight, simulate shadows, and perform virtual walk-through's without leaving the office.

Capture 3D Reality

Create 3D models by converting 2D images into 3D or request a virtual site visit where we capture it for you.


Remotely measure length, area, volumes and profiles and gain intelligence remotley.

Accurate Terrain

Accurate terrain models are updated with precise and reliable elevations that help reduce field surveys.

Document Reality

Detect changes between dates to gain intelligent insight that can reduce risk an create new opportunities.

Collaborate & Share

Collaborate as a team and share your opportunities in 3D with annotations and measurements.

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