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Locate more leads with a remote intelligence 

Increase sales revenue by locating more leads and estimating more projects in less time.

Increase Sales

More Leads, Deals and Profits

Remote Prospecting

Prospect and attract new opportunities by gaining valuable insights of entire communities and properties without the painful field time.         

Virtual Experiences

Guide your customers through an interactive virtual marketing process that generates more leads with higher conversion rates

Increased Margins

Reduce your customer acquisition costs when skipping the traffic for estimating and assessing project sites remotely with FastMap.  

Increase sales

Prospect with targeted opportunity detection 

Find new leads by using FastMap to detect damaged roofs and qualified solar leads. Create an engaging sales experience by sharing your estimate with customers in a dynamic 3D environment that closes more sales opportunities. 

Get more leads 

Virtual 3D Tours that Convert

Improve your sales & marketing experience by including 3D virtual tours and first person walk-through that generate more leads with higher conversion rates. FastMap 3D enables buyers to gain a better understanding of entire properties remotely.


locate Opportunity

Track seasonal change at city scale

Stream high resolution imagery of entire cities that document seasonal change and help estimators and sales reps identify targeted sales opportunities while providing an engaging sales experience remotley.   



Increase Margins

Reduce operating costs & improve project experience

FastMap creates a dynamic digital twin documenting key milestones of the construction process and enabling project managers to reduce costs and improve the project experience with 3D collaboration and accurate source of truth.

Remote Intelligence

Opportunity Detection Powered by AI

FastMap is integrated with powerful artificial intelligence that remotely extracts meaningful insights of property & infrastructure detail such as  locating pools, comparing seasonal change, and detecting infrastructure assets.

App Marketplace

Select from a library of apps that quickly detect features such as cars, buildings, trees, and more. Sell smarter by understanding physical change.  

Build Your Own

Need to locate something more specific? No problem!  We can help you train your own app that exclusive to you and your specific needs.

Reliable Results

FastMap achieves reliables results from consistent map updates and machine learning that gets ‘smarter’ the more it’s used.

Insights & Analytics

Calculate Your ROI

ROI Calculator

Increase revenue and profits

When you use FastMap for remote site visits you are already saving precious time and well on your way to turning higher profits.  So, what will you do with that extra time? Lets get started with finding more opportunities.

Use our calculator tool to realize the additional profits from new revenue you can locate through FastMap. 

The tool is simple and works like this.

Opportunities: The new number of project opportunities you might find through FastMap in a month, quarter or year. 

Conversions (%): The percentage of leads located that convert to a paying project.

Avg. Revenue ($): The average Gross Profits of all new projects.







increase Sales Revenue

A Virtual Sales Experience   

Improve your marketing & sales experience with virtual 3D tours that attract more leads and convert with higher margins.  Your customers will appreciate the flexible virtual viewing experience and higher sales conversions. 

Buyer Intelligence

Offer your customers a more intelligent buying experience by allowing them to virtually view entire properties from the comfort of their home 24/7.

Confident Decisions 

A virtual tours will provide improve your sales or project management experience by improving client and stakeholder engagement in a realistic 3D environment for more confident decisions remotely.

3D DIGITAL Reality 

Your Toolbox for Remote Surveys & Inspections

Locate Opportunity

Gain remote intelligence at city scale that helps identify new opportunities and generate more leads.     

Sell Smarter

Improve your sales experience with virtual 3D experiences that attracts leads with higher conversions.

Increase Margins

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition for estimates that require site measurements and assessments.

Retain Customers

Keep customers engaged with a digital twin that helps reduce project costs and enables longer contracts.    

Reduce Expenses   

Remotely map, annotate and collaborate in 3D to reduce operating increase sales revenue.

Virtual Marketing

Create virtual marketing experiences that generate more leads and close more deals.

Create 3D Models 

Create 3D models with your mobile device or request a virtual site visit to capture bespoke realities.

Document Reality

Compare dates, track progress, and  identify new opportunities with greater intelligence.

Collaborate & Share

Collaborate as a team and share your opportunities in 3D, complete with annotations and measurements.

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