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Reduce Risk

We help identify risk so you can take action

FastMap reduces risk by locating hazards that help prevent injury, project delays, fraud and more.

Reduce Risk

Remote Intelligence for Risk Reduction

Identify Hazards

Plan and prepare with greater visibility into potential hazards that may cause project delays or personal injury.

Reduce Injury

Use photo-realistic 3D data to remotely access hazardous areas such as roofs and high traffic environments.


Document Truth

View and compare community and property level change that helps mitigate fraudulent claims


Mitigate project delays & reduce injury risk

FastMap connects your project site to your desktop, reducing project management field time and improving collaboration that keep projects on-track and on-budget. Reducing risk of injury by conducting field surveys and inspections from your office.    


Reduce fraudulent claims 

Document entire properties and compare claim damage with an accurate 3D model that creates a digital source of truth at scale, mitigating insurance fraud by providing greater visibility and intelligence of actual property conditions.  

Reduce injury

Estimate & inspect property services remotely   

Property service professionals such as roofing companies who perform site visits for estimates and inspections are at risk of injury by various site conditions. FastMap can safely capture a digital twin of entire properties that enables remote inspections and estimates for your next project.   

Reduce Travel Time

Reduce investment risk

Gain intelligence of entire properties and communities that help make smarter investment decisions.  FastMap helps property developers better understand elevations for drainage, assess development potential, visualize entire communities and track the competitions traffic trends.  


Virtual Reality Calibrated to the Real World 

FastMap leverages the latest in earth observation and scanning technologies. Acquired from a combination of HD aerial imagery and accurate LiDAR point clouds, FastMap 3D  is calibrated to the real world, delivering accurate measurements and precise detail for reliable remote work solution.       

Document Reality 

Create a 3D digital twin of interior and exterior property detail with updates as frequently as you require. Entire cities maps are updated every 3-24 months, depending on the population density, regions, and sources.      


Regular Updates

Gain confidence with the most current and consistent reality data. Major cities are updated multiple times per year with rural areas every 12-18 months. 

Build Your Own

We may not have coverage everywhere, which is why we offer various bespoke solutions to connect you with your project remotely, regardless of location. 

Collaborate in 3D

Effectively collaborate with key stakeholders and contractors in 3D. Your clients will appreciate better project insights while you reduce costs and deliver a better experience.   

3D DIGITAL Reality 

Your Toolbox for Remote Surveys & Inspections

Reduce Injuries

Reduce risk of injury by avoiding site surveys in hazardous areas such as high traffic areas and roof tops.

Reduce Delays

Better communication and improved efficiency contribute to reduced delays and  on-time projects.

Support Litigation

Use FastMap to document reality at scale as a digital twin and refer back to it as reliable source of proof.

Event Security

Improve event safety and crowd control by creating and visualizing real world scenarios.


Remotely inspect, annotate, an map, assets in 3D to minimize field time and increase productivity.

Document Reality

Detect changes between dates to gain intelligent insight that can reduce risk or create new opportunities.


Create 3D simulations that visualize and communicate scenarios in a real world environment.

Capture 3D Reality

Create 3D models with your mobile device or request one of our professionals to capture it for you.

Collaborate & Share

Collaborate as a team and share your opportunities in 3D, complete with annotations and measurements.

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