Reduce Site Visits

Cut Costs and Reduce Emissions  

FastMap is aiming to help reduce over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 per year by helping businesses save billions by skipping the traffic

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Remote Intelligence for Property & Infrastructure 

Reduce Operating Costs

Businesses using FastMap save on average $50,000 per year by reducing commutes and field time required for site surveys, estimates and inspections. 

Increase Productivity

Recover hundreds of hours per year by skipping the traffic and reducing the time and cost associated to on-site estimates and inspections. 

Protect The Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and so are our customer. Join the others contributing to our goal of reducing over 1MM tonnes of CO2/yr.

Reduce Site Visits

Detect objects from the office

Quickly and efficiently detect cars, buildings, road conditions, roof damage and more using our powerful feature detectors powered by artificial intelligence.       


Inspect Assets with stunning 3D detail

Our digital twins quickly produce engineering grade 3D models that support as-built inspections, energy audits, and CAD, BIM or GIS integrations. 


Reduce Site Visits

Cut the field time 

Prepare accurate 3D site surveys that accurately measure area, length, profiles and volumes with engineering grade precision, reducing time in-field.

Reduce Travel Time

Faster Project Estimates

Skip the traffic and prepare accurate site measurements for estimates and inspections remotely, 

Reduce Site Visits

Property intelligence from your office   

Analyze and understand community and property details from your office. Overlay property lines, community boundaries, and get insight into assessed values without the painful inquiries and costly commute time. 

Reduce Site Visits 

A Digital Twin that connect you to your projects. 

Remotely connect to your project using 3D digital reality that allows you to monitor and track construction progress with less commutes, reduced risk and improved collaboration that facilitate on-time and on-budget project delivery.

Reduce Site Visits

Improve your claims response time   

Reduce commute time require for on-site assessments by capturing a 3D digital twin that enables remote assessments and inspections while storing and maintaining a source of truth at scale.

Reduce Site Visits

Remote intelligence for infrastructure projects   

Gain greater visibility and intelligence of  infrastructure assets by remotely measuring and inspecting critical assets with engineering greade precision from the comfort of your office. 

Insights & Analytics

Calculate Your ROI

ROI Calculator

See how much you can save

It’s no secret that time is one of our biggest assets. That’s why we’ve created this ROI tool which is designed to help you calculate your saving by skipping the traffic and reducing time on-site.

Our calculator determines the true cost of your current site visits by using and  average vehicle operating cost of $0.56/km along with your inputs. Then we calculate the number of virtual site visits per week needed to achieve an ROI within 6 months.

If your team averages over 3 site visits per week, then lets get started today.   


Virtual Reality Calibrated to the Real World 

FastMap leverages the latest in earth observation and scanning technologies. Acquired from a combination of HD aerial imagery and accurate LiDAR point clouds, FastMap 3D  is calibrated to the real world, delivering accurate measurements and precise detail that delivers a reliable remote site visit and virtual survey solution.       

Document Reality 

Create a 3D digital twin of interior and exterior property detail with updates as frequently as you require.  We capture reality that connects the physical world to your desktop. 

Remote Intelligence

We combine HD digital reality with the power of AI to enable remote intelligence that can detect pools, structures, infrastructure assets and more.  We will slash your field time, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your margins.

Regular Updates

Gain confidence with the most current and consistent reality data. Entire Cities and entire municipalities are updated multiple times per year with updates every 3-24 months.

Bespoke Surveys

We may not have coverage and updates for everyone, which is why we offer on-demand bespoke capture to connect you with your project remotely, regardless of location. 

Collaborate in 3D

Effectively collaborate with key stakeholders and contractors in 3D. Your clients will appreciate better project insights while you reduce costs and deliver a better experience.   

3D DIGITAL Reality 

Your Toolbox for Remote Surveys & Assessments

Capture 3D Reality

Create 3D models from imagery taken with your mobile device or request us to capture it for you.

Point Clouds

3D points clouds offer engineering grade accuracy and 3D detail that digitizes the physical world.

Accurate Terrain

Accurate terrain models are validated by engineers and surveyors to offer precise and reliable elevations.

Global Coverage

Access high resolution satellite and aerial imagery for streaming on-demand global coverage.

Remote Surveys

Remotely measure length, slope, area, volumes and elevation profiles with survey grade accuracy.

Virtual Inspections

Remotely inspect, annotate, map and maintain assets in 3D to minimize field time and increase productivity.

Feature Detection

Use our library of apps to automatically detect features such as trees, structures, cars, and more. 

Document Reality

Detect changes between dates and gain intelligent insight that can reduce risk and create new opportunities.

Collaborate & Share

Collaborate as a team and share your opportunities in 3D with annotations and measurements.

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