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 FastMap connects the physical world to your desktop

Property and infrastructure professionals use FastMap for virtual estimates, inspections and surveys, saving valuable time and money.

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Accurate data for reliable results

FastMap is an accurate alternative to time consuming site visits required for onsite estimates, inspections or surveys.  Access virtual 3D maps and models with survey grade accuracy that deliver reliable results.

Create 3D Realities

Create 3D virtual realities by converting 2D images into realistic 3D models; or request a bespoke service performed by one of our experts.

Upload Data

Upload your 3D data in common formats such as e57, LAZ and OBJ to easily manage, analyze, and collaborate projects with others in 3D.



Remotely measure distance, height, slope, area, volume, and elevation profiles for accurate measurements from anywhere in the world.

Simulate in 3D/4D

Create stunning 3D/4D visualizations that simulate shadows, visualize line-of-sight, and create engaging walk-through presentations that improve insight.  

Compare Reality

Efficiently track change with increased intelligence by comparing different dates of reality that helps identify critical information not seen onsite.    

Locate with AI

Detect buildings, cars, and other assets, or work with us to train and build your own locators that automatically detect features and assets from your office.

Export Data

Export imagery, elevations, point clouds and annotations for offline use or 3D printing.  Simply define your areas, select your formats and download.

Collaborate & Share

Save time and money by virtually collaborating with projects stakeholders and vendors from an accurate and realistic digital twin.  


Easily integrate with popular third party services such as ESRI, AutoDesk, Bentley, Box and AWS, or access our API and SDK for custom application development.

Reduce Site Visits

Measure & Assess Remotely

Improve productivity by using FastMap to virtually connect to any property, anywhere!  Use our intuitive platform to estimate and inspect more projects in less time - adding thousands to your bottom line,

Increase Revenue

Close more deals with higher margins

Use FastMap to prospect and collaborate with leads in a dynamic 3D environment that creates a more engaging sales experience, that attract more leads with higher conversions.

Reduce Site Visits

Remote Assets Management

Monitor assets remotely with FastMap and slash your field time by over 50%. Virtually measure and inspect interiors, property exteriors, and entire communities at scale with engineering grade precision. Locate assets using AI and maintain updates with our dynamic content solutions.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate Risk with Documented Reality

FastMap helps mitigate safety hazards by virtually assessing projects at scale. Visualize and compare as-builts in 3D and refer back to your documented digital reality as a source of truth that accurately compares physical property to CAD, BIM and GIS drawings. 

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